Stephanie Plum: Bond Enforcement Agent

I may need to set my reading goal a bit higher. Last week, I read three books! They weren’t very long books and the topics were fun, so they were quick reads. I am enjoying the Plum series by Janet Evanovich. I believe they are classified as mystery novels in the bookstores. I think they are a little bit chick lit, a smidgen romance, and heavy on the comedy. How serious can a book be when your Grandma tests out your gun on the chicken you are eating for dinner?

Stephanie Plum is an amazing bounty hunter, she always gets her man (or woman), and never has any complications. At least that’s what she aspires to become. Currently (and for at least 18 books), she keeps her gun in the cookie jar, rarely makes a capture on the first attempt, and often has someone trying to kill or capture her as well. Though it’s never her fault! Let’s not forget her ability to maim and destroy cars, trucks, vans, and SUV’s at an alarming rate. Or her affinity for Tasty Cakes, doughnuts, and birthday cake!

At the beginning of the series, Stephanie blackmailed her cousin Vinnie into giving her a job as a bond enforcement agent. She needs to make some money fast to keep her life afloat after her nasty divorce and losing her job. The job was intended to be temporary, only Stephanie finds she likes it, when people aren’t also trying to kill her. Which happens often as bringing people to jail doesn’t get you on their good side.

I could probably type all night and still have only covered the basics, but really I want to go finish the next book! These books are great, quick, funny reads. I highly recommend grabbing the first one “One for the Money” to take with you to the pool or beach.

I have just finished reading Fearless Fourteen, Finger Lickin’ Fifteen, Sizzling Sixteen, and Smokin’ Seventeen. I guess that is four books. Summer vacation is great!


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