Motorcycle Madness

I bought a motorcycle this week! It was a semi-impulse purchase. I have been planning on buying one for a few months. I planned on taking the motorcycle safety course first. Life didn’t work out that way.

Now I own a wonderful ’04 Honda Rebel. It is a shiny red.

It has fewer miles than any other vehicle I have ever owned.

I can’t drive it yet. It sits in our driveway, waiting for those few moments after the grocery store closes so I can practice under the watchful eye of my boyfriend.

It’s not without its faults, we need new tires, brakes, a battery, and to tighten the chain. I want to paint it pink eventually. Get new saddlebags. I have many ideas!

I also need a helmet. Anyone have a full faced solid pink helmet that is Snell approved in a large? I would squee and give you a hug and make you a glorious cake (or pie, your choice). There are gloves to buy, I kinda want a jumpsuit. I’m sure I’ll be sharing more.



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  1. That’s AWESOME!!!!! Congrats on the new bike! Someday I hope to have one again and we’ll have to go for a ride somewhere! =D

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