Our Garden

I am making no promises that these every day post will continue throughout the summer. I do have lots of stories I have been saving up all school year. I just haven’t had time to take, sort, and edit photos; then sit down and write about them. I’m hoping to fix that for next school year.

We planted our garden back in March, right at the end of spring break; which may have even been a little late for a Florida garden, I’m still uncertain of the growing season down here. Since we have sand instead of soil, we first had to dig out space for soil. Thankfully, our landlord has a couple of flower beds already available to us. The first is right outside our front door and easy access from our kitchen. This makes it easy for us to grab fresh herbs. The second is along our back porch.

In our front garden, we first had to remove the rocks that covered the sand. They are piled in that grey tub in the back of the photo. We removed and leveled out the sand so we had about 10 inches of space for top soil and compost. It was a strange feeling having to buy dirt. I guess that’s what we get for living in a sandbox!

After pouring out about 15 bags of soil and compost, my boyfriend mixed the two soils together and spread it smoothly across the expanse of the garden. That is our kitchen window behind him the door is just out of sight. Perfect access for grabbing herbs, lettuce, or peppers while making dinner.

If you notice, this garden is not very large. It’s just large enough to grow all the ingredients for salsa and pickles, plus a few herbs. With the exception of our tomato plants. We decided they needed a little more space than our front garden allotted.

We went around to the side of the house and dug out a little portion of the flower bed right between our massive Aloe plants (Anyone want some?) We picked out three tomato plants. The first is a Solar Fire, according to the description, it was developed to grow in hot, humid, rainy climates such as Florida. We also planted Roma tomatoes and Big Boy tomatoes. I think we will have plenty to make salsa.

I’m quite pleased with our little garden. We planted cucumbers along the white lattice fencing. Just behind that is dill. Lined up with the dill are jalapeno and cubanelle plants. The next row closer to us is herbs. Closest to the house is basil. The middle plant is sage. Right up front is culantro (very similar to cilantro). The eight other little plants are your garden variety bell pepper plants (I’m not certain why we have eight). The last plant squeezed right at the corner is a rosemary bush. I’m sure we will have to move that one eventually. The empty patch at the front was the little bit we planted from seeds. There will be a row of radishes, a row of carrots, and a square of lettuce.

This was all back in March. We have already eaten a few things from the garden. I’ll give you an update later this week on how the garden looks now.



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