Slightly Scheduled Summer

As a child, I loved the beginning of summer holidays. It seemed to be an endless sting of days with no requirements (unless my mum assigned me chores). I was never quite certain what to do first; read, play outside, build a fort, or play with friends. It didn’t really matter, I had all summer to figure it out. As a teacher, I have been anticipating summer since mid-March (I think teachers appreciate summer a little more than students). In preparation, I started a notebook of things to do this summer. It’s nothing fancy, just your basic spiral bound,  1-subject, wide ruled, 70-page notebook in green. I found it in my closet at school.

What makes this notebook special is what is on the pages inside. I have been slowly filling the pages with inspired ideas to keep me productive this summer. Many ideas are for school. There are a lot of things I would like to get done for school. Some have higher priority that others. I also have a cleaning list. It’s very long. I have discovered that it is nearly impossible for me to clean the house and be a teacher. I plan to get the house into shape this summer. Then I will hire a cleaner to keep it that way during the school months. I brilliant plan I believe! The summer won’t be all fun and games, there are visits to the dentist and eye doctor in the works. I need new tires for my car.

As for the parts I will be sharing with you, I have joined a summer reading challenge to keep me reading (not that there should be a problem). I have been pinning clothing and craft ideas on Pinterest for inspiration. I’d love to go back to school with an entirely homemade wardrobe. I’ve got a lovely little vegetable garden that I can’t wait to show you. Not to mention the Silhouette I received for Christmas (I already have a couple of projects to show you).

There will also be many adventures to share. We had a fun one yesterday! I’ll be hitting up beaches across Florida. We may take a few vacations. I will be attending Acendio with Splendid Play again this year. I’m buying a motorcycle and taking safety lessons. Who knows what else may happen, it’s summer!


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