Let the Summer Holidays Begin!

Last night marked the beginning of that glorious time of year called summer break. In preparation for break, I have filled a notebook full of lists of things I want to do this summer. My plan was to get started on that list last night. Instead, I spent the night relaxing with my laptop and a new video game.  I figure I deserve a couple days of relaxing before I tackle the list of things to do.

I’m not a big gamer. I watch a lot of people play video games, but my experience goes as far as Mario Bros. and Wii Fit. I find there are many other things to occupy my time. After missing out on the last Humble Bundle which included Portal, I decided to snatch it up this round because it has the game Limbo. I saw a preview for this game and loved how it looked.

The Humble Indie Bundle is offered at various times during the year. I’m not certain how they choose which games are included, but often there are 2-3 that appeal to me. The bundle is composed of multi-platform, DRM-free, and independently developed. The best part of the bundle is that you get to set your own price which is then divided between charity, the developers, and the host Humble Bundle, Inc. (You get to decide who gets how much.) The motivate you to be a bit more generous, extra games are added if you decide to donate more than the average. You can read more about the development and background at Humble Bundle or Wikipedia.

Meanwhile,  I am going to enjoy my weekend of video games and I’ll be back Monday with a few of my plans for the summer.


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