Sew, Mama, Sew! Giveaway Day!


UPDATE: Giveaway is now closed. The winner will be announced Sunday morning.

When I accidentally stumbled upon the Sew, Mama, Sew! Giveaway Day last year, I decided that I would participate in the next one with a giveaway. At the time I hadn’t realised how much life would change. Don’t worry, it’s all been good things, just not exactly how I imagined. As this giveaway approached, I find myself wrapped up in the end-of-the-school-year frenzy that I so loved as a student. It is so much more work as a teacher. More about that later. On to the giveaway…

I had hopes of digging through some of my supplies and creating a wonderful box of bits and bobs. I like to dream big. Instead, I am delighted to be giving away a marvelous quick trip diaper bag. I made this bag for the first time for my sister. I swore I’d never make another. Except, my sister loved it and her friend wanted one. I’ve now made more. This particular bag is made with wild animals. I made it hoping one of my many expectant friends would have a boy. I’m still waiting and the bag is sitting around waiting for a loving mother to tote it around.

A few of the bag details. First, it is machine washable. The outside is a lightweight canvas, soft but durable. There are many pockets to help keep things organised. A slash pocket across the front. An end pocket for a bottle. The inside hosts 6 pockets of various sizes all with elastic to hold things securely in place.

Enough reading, I know most of you have skipped to this point anyway. Giveaway details: I will ship internationally. The giveaway will stay open until May 25th at 5pm PST. For many more giveaways, check out Sew,Mama, Sew!

For an opportunity to win this wonderful bag, please leave a comment telling me of your summer plans. Please make certain I have a way to contact you by email. I will choose a random name from a hat (or use a random number generator).


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106 responses to “Sew, Mama, Sew! Giveaway Day!

  1. We don’t have too many plans, but we are going to a couple of family weddings and my son is even going to be the ring bearer in one of them!

  2. Hi there! I plan to spend the summer with my new baby girl, August, introducing her to the world around her! ^_^ What a wonderful diaper bag this would make! And afterwards a great “teacher bag” when I go back to work! ^_^ Thanks for hosting a great giveaway! ^_^

  3. Lisa

    I am having a baby this summer! A boy, to be exact. I can’t imagine how busy my summer is going to be. And I still have to pack up my classroom. :s

  4. leigh7911

    My summer plans involve replacing our old and cheap carpet with new pretty laminate. And having my sister move in. And hosting a baby shower (it’s a boy!) for one of my best friends. And painting several rooms in the house. And trying to not lose my mind.

    Love the bag!

  5. Jen

    I am heading to the beach in a couple of weeks, can’t wait! I have an almost 3 year old boy and am expecting our 2nd child in October, so I could really use a bag to carry everything. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I plan on enjoying the warm weather and swimming as much as possible with my little kiddos.

  7. This bag is absolutely awesome! I have 2 boys (1 still in diapers) and would love to tote this stylish bag around with all of his baby stuff in it. Summer plans… well, we are taking our first family trip since our youngest was born. We live in Colorado and plan to explore some of the parts of our beautiful state that we’ve yet to see. I can’t wait!

  8. Leanna

    My little boy would love this bag! We are going to the coast in a bit! Can’t wait to hit the beach again!

  9. My pand include at least 6 baby showers (!), a wedding (bridesmaid!), a week with the family, and a week with the Grandparents. I love visiting my grandparents! oh, and lots of sewing

    • @pril

      I read the post. Family members love getting handmade gifts. Especially practical usable ones. I have yet to make any summer plans.

  10. Jeannie D

    I am planning a trip in July to visit my cousin who’s daughter is having a boy June 5th! This bag is adorable…Cheers!

  11. Anne S

    Our summer plans involve a chemistry unit and lots of swimming! :) If I win your adorable bag, I’m going to gift it to a sweet friend of mine whose baby is due any day. She was just lamenting the lack of cute diaper bags at the stores, so I know she’ll be thrilled to have this one. :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Major overhaul of my herb/kitchen garden. Love the animal cracker bag–I’d use it for myself, diapers or not!

  13. Melissa Palmer

    Looking forward to lots of swimming! We live in hot hot Tucson, Arizona, so finding a cool bit of water is a must!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    melissajpalmer at yahoo dot com

  14. amelia

    cute! i plan to spend my summer out and about with my new baby girl – the bag would be perfect!

  15. blazeandcrochet

    My summer plans are to go camping at least once. I also want to visit some family out of state.

  16. It’s almost winter here in Australia, but every summer I look forward to crafting while out on Picnics.

  17. Mhairi

    It is basically winter here so we are planning on going camping!! It will be freezing but this is a good time to snuggle under a quilt and sew on binding or do some hand-stitching on polar fleece blankets.

  18. Meg

    cute fabric! I’ll be spending a lot of time in my garden and then cooling off at the pool. Can’t wait. :)

  19. Jennifer

    I’m having a baby boy (after 5 girls!) this summer, so there’s both my plans and why this bag would be perfect! Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. Kris

    My summer plans include lots of time with my son! Thanks for a chance at such a cute bag!

  21. we will be spending a lot of our summer poolside!

  22. We’re heading to the beach in De. I can’t wait. Thanks for a chance to win.

  23. My best summer plan is a trip to NYC to see daughter, SIL, and grandson. She is expecting #2 in October so this bag will go to her if I win. Thanks for the chance.

  24. xerxia

    LOL most of you have skipped to this point anyway :)

    I’m looking forward to a couple of summer camping trips, including one to Niagara Falls. Can hardly wait!

  25. Njeri

    This year I want to teach my son how to swim.

  26. Heather

    I’m leaving for Hawaii the day school gets out here!

  27. What an adorable bag! Love the name of your blog, too – I definitely had more than one 64 color box growing up. ;) My summer plans…mostly home remodeling. Not very exciting, but a necessary evil! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  28. Stacey

    So precious! Love the fabric! This is a wonderful opportunity to discover so many wonderfully creative blogs such as yours! thanks!

  29. Amy

    Oh, love this bag! This summer we’re heading to the beach for a few days, and I can see us toting along some of my 6 month old’s gear in this bag! Congrats on making it to the end of the year… I used to teach (& my husband still does) and we start counting the days about now!

  30. ashley

    This summer I plan to spend lots of time playing in the water with my kiddos.

  31. Amber

    I would love this so much for my 3 month old! This summer we’ll be going to the zoo, lots of fairs and festivals, and just hanging out at the local parks :)

  32. We are planning a trip to Vancouver island so our landlocked prairie children can see the ocean for the first time.

  33. What an adorable diaper bag, I love the animal prints. We are going to Germany this summer for an eye disease conference!

  34. We’re planning to visit from friends in Boston.

  35. Katie

    How fun! We are going to the beach!

  36. Danijela

    Cute bag,perfect for summer.Hope we go to the sea this summer,fingers crossed =o).Lovely giveaway,thanks for the chance to win it.

  37. Cute bag – perfect :) Summer plans – I plan to sew, grow my veg, level the garden (HUGE MAMMOTH TASK) and if that isn’t enough, read a book or two outdoors!

  38. lee

    our families summer plans are to do lots of hiking in Michigan. thanks!

  39. I’m looking forward to camping on lake michigan this summer! And I happen to have a little boy. :)

  40. Sharon Murray

    we;re having to move :o(, no fun. this bag would be used as ‘kit bag ‘ for me, for the foster dogs that have graduted to go to ‘meet/greet’ for adoption. or for my own service dog & her supplies with my medicl supplies. love the print!!!

  41. No real plans.This bag is adorable. Thanks

  42. brandi

    my summer plans are growing a small garden full of tomatoes!! which is something i have never done before. traditionally i am a plant killer but i have grown these plants from seeds and am happy to have had 33 grow into viable plants! 22 have been relocated to other homes and 11 are now growing in my back yard. i can’t wait til my first ripe tomato is ready! thank you!!

  43. chrissy ortman

    Thank you for participating in the giveaway! I’m looking forward to going to the Smokey Mountains with my extended family. We will going zip lining, white water rafting and head to Dollywood! I hope I win that terrific bag!

  44. I really like this! We are planning a few small camping trips, instead of one big trip. I’m really excited :)

  45. Andrea

    What a great bag! Summer plans…headed to AZ in early June for granddaughter’s 4th birthday…then to Lake Tahoe for our 40th anniversary trip.

  46. Haley

    My summer plans are just working and preparing our house for another baby. :) I’m also going to start working on my Masters degree.

    I love these bags, I’m not usually a pink fan but that pink purse on the left is adorable!

  47. Carolyn

    Leaving in 2 weeks to scuba dive Little Cayman.

  48. Bailey

    A cross country road trip!

  49. Susan

    My summer plan is to have a family reunion and nap.

  50. We are going on increasingly longer camping trips. We just took an overnight camping trip–I need to slowly get used to “roughing it.”

  51. patty

    Oh I am so excited for summer this year. My daughter is having a baby around the end of June. So the new baby will occupy lots of my time.

  52. nicole

    summer…writing lesson plans for next school year and visiting family!

  53. Libby

    That bag is fabulous ! I just returned from a trip to visit family. We will go back to see them in August, and the rest of the summer will be spent in spray parks, at local festivals, and in our garden.

  54. I will be spending time with my grandchildren. Thank you.

  55. Summer is a long way off for me as I live in Australia, but on the flip side, I do have an adorable little boy and could definitely put that gorgeous bag to use :)

  56. We’re heading into Winter down here in NZ, but I’m looking forward to some great outdoors time with the family when summer finally returns

  57. wendy

    You make marvelous bag. Here the weather is hot throughout the year ,so activities are the same.

  58. Robin

    I am busy this summer waiting for our little boy to be born (due early September) and trying to finish projects around the house before he gets here. Thanks for the chance!

  59. Lindsay F

    I have plans for lots of work, sewing, hiking and biking!

  60. I’m flying to a friend’s wedding in June :) I also plan to chill at the pool with my 4 month old baby boy. This bag would be great for toting his stuff :)

  61. lynn

    ooh, my son would love this bag. thanks! i’m looking forward to a trip to the north shore of lake superior.

  62. Erin B

    Summer plans are work, family vacation to Minnesota, watching the kids in swim lessons and baseball, and working in my garden.

  63. Megan

    I’m not doing much this summer. Hopefully a little work on the house, teaching my son to read, and going to the beach (right at the end of summer)!

  64. Oh my goodness, this bag is just fantastic! I’d love to win this! I have a boy! Although he’s 7…not really toting around diapers for him anymore, but we are trying for a number 2!! And I’d use this either way. This summer I’m visiting family in north carolina, going to a wedding in wisconsin, and throwing a baby shower for my best friend. In between all of that, I’m taking my seven year old hiking as much as possible! Thanks!

  65. Oh it’s lovely!!! I am looking forward to taking lots of photos this summer!:)

  66. Meghan

    I’m headed to San Diego for vacation this summer. Otherwise I plan to read and relax a lot!

  67. sangeetha

    work and play and enjoy the sunshine

  68. Hiking, enjoying myself in the garden, making short trips around here.
    Thank you for the chance to win this lovely bag!

  69. calikisses

    No set plans as of yet, but I hope to do lots of camping and boating!

  70. buntyw

    Great bag!
    We’re off to Ireland this summer!

  71. Sarah

    I am going to be pregnant and trying to stay cool, i’m due in september with a boy! Love this bag, thanks for the giveaway, hope you have a good one!

  72. Holly Walsh

    We get to host my step-daughter for a month this summer – so off to Michigan for my family reunion and some beach fun, then off to Texas to see my mother-in-law . :)

  73. Gillian

    Moving to New York City!

  74. I plan to enjoy my children since I’m a teacher too and will be off this summer! Thanks for the giveaway!

  75. Vashti M

    Gardening, camping, swimming and having my 34th Birthday!

    hun423 at

  76. We are celebrating our daughter’s first birthday :)


  77. AppieB

    LOVE THAT BAG!!!! I am so glad your sister and her friend had you make another one…. and so on…. ;-) You do a great job!
    We just came back from WDW, so we’ll be spending the rest of the Summer in our backyard by the pool. :-)

  78. That bag is fabulous :-) at the moment I don’t have any summer plans as such probably just lots of day trips with the kids :-)

  79. I am heading to Japan actually… thanks for asking!! hehe

    xo Steph

  80. My plans for the summer include some gardening, lots of reading by the pool and also lots of sewing. Thank you for the chance!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  81. Second Chance Tan

    Oooo this would be handy when I take the kids swimming x

  82. sewlindaann

    Nothing much planned. Just organizing the house and playing in the garden.

  83. not much planned-transforming the craft room into a studio

  84. Julia Carter

    I am going camping this summer

  85. I am going to Yellowstone!

  86. BreannaS

    your bag would be perfect for my soon to be nephew when he comes to visit with his auntie.

  87. Christina G.

    My summer plans – lots of quality time with my 2 boys. We’ve got a list a mile long of things to do to keep us busy. Who knows, we may even squeeze in a trip to the beach. Regardless, there will be lots of playing, reading, relaxing, cooking, sewing, music, and just plain fun.

  88. Sarah

    Great bag – love the elastic pockets! so smart. This summer we are going to be relaxing, going to the beach, and sewing! Thanks for the chance to win!

  89. Amy

    We are planning a fun family vacation to Hilton Head! Thank you for the giveaway! Amy @ gasudimack(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  90. cnuland

    We only have a camping trip planned this summer. We took our “big” trip to Florida in Feb.

  91. Stacy Kemper Alfano

    I plan on swimming alot! And just so you know, I read the whole thing, not just the giveaway part! :)

  92. I have made a resolution to get out of the craft room more often and take up running. So far, jelly legs, but it feels good! cynsaw2(at)yahoo(dot)ca

  93. Super cute bag! I’d happy to be that mom to tote it around! :)
    My summer plans include settling into our new home. We moved in around the holidays and are enjoying seeing the trees bloom and different plants and wildlife pop up!

  94. We’ll be heading out to my SIL’s wedding, but otherwise sticking close to home waiting for Baby #3 to make his or her appearance. :)

  95. Danielle

    I will be traveling to visit family in Colorado, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Missouri. Thank you for the giveaway!

  96. Ytaya

    What a fab bag! With any luck, my summer plans will involve a book, a beach and a cold drink…

  97. jmniffer

    What a great bag! My summer plans are to go to the lake, relax by the water, on the water and in the water. Once I’m waterlogged I will enjoy some time by a campfire and call it a good time. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  98. Aida

    Really cool bag!
    My plans for the summer: a small tour visiting friends, in this order: London, Brussels, Cologne and Frankfurt! Yay!

  99. dakewlone

    No plans! Just enjoying the free time.

  100. Marilize

    We’re heading to my parents for a well deserved break.

    Thank you for a great prize and the chance to win it.

  101. I’m hoping to get out and do a lot of hiking and camping this summer.

  102. Running and spending time with my daughter. Thanks for doing this giveaway! :)

  103. Meredith

    Aww, this is so cute!!

  104. Rosie N.

    what a perfect bag for my newborn boy and I! lol We’ll be travelling down to Oregon this summer :)

  105. Jo

    Just enjoying the amazing weather! :)

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