Half of a Pair

Some of you may not have heard the news yet. I have been hired to teach third grade at Lewis Elementary! I am super excited and busy with new hire paperwork. This new venture into a career has changed a few of my plans. It has cut into my sewing time a bit (I’m sure more when I get into the classroom) and put my stash bust on hold.

Despite all of this, I have made a bit of progress on my foray into trouser making. Between paperwork, appointments, and sewing for Splendid Play, I have managed to squeeze in a few hours of personal sewing.

This is my first time using  a Vogue pattern. The directions are in the usual muddled state (If anyone needs clarification on directions, please ask). I appreciate the extra details that are included in this pattern. For example, these pants don’t just have pockets, they have welt pockets, with an additional piece to form the welt, not just the manipulation of one piece to look like an extra detail. I was also astounded when the pattern instructed me to understitch a seam. I haven’t been instructed to do so since my 4-H days.

I completely muddled up the first attempt at the front pocket. After taking the time to completely understand the directions I succeeded on making a satisfactory second front pocket. That was Tuesday.

Wednesday, I came back to the pants knowing I would not be happy with the wonky pocket and determined to get it right this time. I ripped the seams out and began again. This time lining up the pieces a little more carefully. I am glad I took the time to do so. The pocket looks much better.

I also managed to construct the front fly. Despite my concerns, the zipper went in quite nicely (though I wouldn’t recommend a Kelly green zipper in grey pants). My only confusion came from the multiple pieces. There was the right fly and the left fly facing. I studied the directions for quite some time before I knew what they were saying. In the end I’m still not certain I have it exactly correct. I may have some seams to pull out down the road, but for now I am excited that the zipper works and it looks good.

I am excited to get started on the back of the trousers. Despite how well the project is going, I am still uncertain of the outcome. I won’t know if they fit until the majority of the work is complete.


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