Flying Kites

My boyfriend and I took a little time this weekend for a romantic frolic in the park. We had picked up a couple of kites at the dollar store a few weekends ago, but hadn’t had the opportunity to fly them until now.






His kite was together and up in the sky in no time at all.








My kite was a little temperamental and refused to fly. Until we used a little bit of geometry and adjusted the length of one of the strings. It flew high in the sky until the wind died down, then it came spiraling down to the ground.

Meanwhile, my boyfriend’s kite stayed high in the sky just floating among the clouds.











I kept trying, but to no avail. The kite would just float a little and then flop to the ground.











I gave up just in time to take a few photos of my boyfriend successfully reeling his kite back into his hands. Check out the grin on his face!


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