My Oyster has Clams


Oysters are a wonderful meal to have when celebrating; at least in my opinion. You can choose another food when you are celebrating something. Thursday evening, my boyfriend took me out to Gary’s Oyster Bar to celebrate my new job. That’s right, after countless applications and rejections, I have been hired as a teacher! Woo! I will soon be a third grade teacher at Lewis Elementary in Fort Meade, FL. I am quite excited and have loads to do to prepare.

I enjoy raw oysters served on a half shell. I like to scoop them out and slurp them straight down. This last time, I mixed a little horseradish and cocktail sauce. I learned that Gary’s Oyster Bar makes their sauce fresh daily. We also ordered a bucket of steamed oysters which are shelled and dropped into a ramekins of melted butter, garlic powder, and Worcestershire sauce. If you like a little kick, you can add a few drops of Crystal hot sauce.

If you find yourself eating oysters and notice clams attached to the shells, you can rest assured knowing your oysters were collected from clean water. I was assured this by our server for the evening.




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  1. Aubrey Anderson

    I’m so glad you got a position! You will be a great 3rd grade teacher!

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