Melting Crayons

My September stash bust is going well. Though it seems my mountains of fabric don’t appear to be getting smaller. I have a couple of projects in mind that should eliminate a decent portion of the stack. I am also hoping these projects go fairly quickly. Today’s project doesn’t involve fabric, but it did come from my stash of supplies.

Yesterday, I found myself easily distracted and thus in the midst of a handful of projects that I didn’t quite complete. However, I decided to share a couple of photos of the project I am most excited about.

I have had this project in mind for some time, I just needed lots of crayons. I could still use more if anyone is willing to send me their old, broken crayons (I’ll even pay for the shipping!) I finally heard back from a freecycle posting and snagged myself a bag of crayons.

I sat down to a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and removed the paper and sorted the crayons by color. Then, using a double boiler, I melted down a few crayons (of the same colour), and poured them into a mold.

At the moment, it appears that my project was successful. I should have sets of fun molded crayons in the near future. Right after I find the best way to clean the molds I used!



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3 responses to “Melting Crayons

  1. Angela

    Thanks for the great idea. I did this as a kid. Would be a great item for my craft shows!!! Now I will be in search of crayons :)

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