My Dream Space

30 Day of Lists is sneaking into my blog again, but this one involves my dream space. Which involves sewing and crafting and reading, so it applies.

First, the room will be spacious, with very large windows to allow loads of sunlight to brighten the room. I won’t know what colour until the room is real. I’ll cover the windows with airy curtains, probably in a light pink. Because everyone needs pink curtains sometime in their life.

A couple of walls will be lined with shelves. Some of the shelves will be heaped with books. Fiction. Travel. Instructional. The rest will store my sewing supplies. There will be bins with buttons, ribbons, and threads.  One section of the walls will be set-up as a small photography studio for taking photos of my creations. I think I’ll keep a couple of dress forms in this area.

In one corner, I’ll have a little dressing room for fittings. I don’t want to change in front of large windows. I’ll also have stations set up for gift wrapping, scrapbooking, and paper work.

Down the center of the room will run a long table. At one end I’ll keep my collection of sewing machines. The rest of the table will be used as a drafting table and cutting mat.

A few of my toys will include a Canon 40D with a selection of lenses. A Silhouette. An industrial sewing machine. Various sizes of dress forms. A spiffy laptop.

To decorate, I will use vintage cameras and sewing machines. As well as photos I or my boyfriend have taken. Maybe some art.

I guess I like to dream big. Currently, I would be happy turning out guest bed into a Murphy bed for a few more feet of space!

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