30 Days of Lists – Favourite Things about Fall


I am interrupting my Sunday Shot with a 30 Days of Lists Update. I am still going strong on Day 11. Today’s list topic is my favourite things about fall. I’m not the biggest fan of fall. I grew up in South Dakota, so fall meant cold and snow was coming. While I love snow, I don’t appreciate the cold that comes with it. Now that I live in Florida, fall is a bit of a relief. The weather cools off enough that we can venture outside without melting.

My Favourite Things About Fall:

  1. My Birthday (It’s Tuesday). Though this year I’m turning 31 and it’s an odd number, so I’m not sure that I’m super excited about this age. 30 didn’t bother me, it’s the odd numbers that do me in.
  2. Going back to school. I love being in school. There have only been three years since I began kindergarten that I haven’t been in school. Currently, I am looking for a teaching job so I can be in school again!
  3. Leaves Changing Colour. Except that now I live in Florida and that doesn’t really happen here until February if at all. I think it may be time for a road trip north. Maybe I’ll tag along on my boyfriend’s next business trip.
  4. Apple Pies. Really apple pies are good all year-long, but there is just something about making a pie from apples you picked yourself (see below).
  5. Carving Pumpkins. Honestly, I’ve never really carved a pumpkin. Last year, we bought one to carve, but never did. I ended up baking it and it is now frozen waiting for fall so I can make bread and pies!
  6. Apple Picking. Yet another thing I don’t get to enjoy here in Florida. Growing up, we had trees in the back yard. We would spend a weekend picking, cleaning, and baking all those apples. There is nothing quite as awesome as homemade applesauce straight off the stove.
What are some of the things you love about fall?




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2 responses to “30 Days of Lists – Favourite Things about Fall

  1. Happy Birthday for Tuesday…. I hope that you have a wonderful Day!

  2. dawn

    cute list, my daughter lives in Florida and just came up for a visit and loves having the fall chill in the air again. She misses all the same stuff you do too. Fall is my favorite season and all the fun that comes with it. Try carving a pumkin this year, I love love them.

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