Angry Birds Plush

My friend’s birthday was back in July. In fact just about a week after we visited South Dakota, including him. I have no excuse for not having a gift for him at that time. The thing was, I had no idea what to get him for his birthday. It’s a little harder now to come up with ideas since we have grown up and don’t keep in contact as well as we once did. It also doesn’t help that I have moved so far away. During our visit, I learned of his love for the game Angry Birds. If you don’t already know what this game is, you are a seriously deprived person and should seek help immediately. Or at the very least, google it!

Since I had already made a set for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, I knew it wouldn’t take long to whip up another set as a gift. I really don’t have an excuse as to why it took nearly a month and a half to complete this project. Regardless, they are complete and quite awesome.

I wish I could take credit for coming up with the patterns behind this project, but that would be extremely dishonest. I found the patterns for all of the angry birds and the pigs last Christmas. The brilliant and talented lady who runs Obsessively Stitching created the patterns for the birds as gifts to her children. She was super awesome and shared them with us to use to make sets for personal use.

The patterns are fairly simple. Each bird/pig is made from four main pieces. The tails and head feathers are the most difficult to make because they are small. I really dislike sewing on the pig’s snout. I just can’t seem to get it on straight. I do like how the pig’s eyes look before I gather them into balls.

My favourite part of the process are the faces. First, because I get to use my free motion foot. Which I had never taken the opportunity to learn how to use until this project. I still need loads of practice, but it’s great fun! Second, because of the process I use, each bird ends up with a slightly different expression that seems to give them a bit of personality. As I type, our yellow bird is staring me down from his perch across the room!

There are two yellow birds because I hadn’t yet made one for my boyfriend’s set. I couldn’t very well make one for someone else and not him. I have a few more birds to make; the green bird, the bomb bird, a little pig, the white bird, and some eggs. I would also like to try my hand at making a giant red bird.

If you are wondering about the writing on the box, my friend and I have been exchanging our gifts in this box since 2011. Our gifts often aren’t on time. I once received my birthday gift in February and my birthday is in September! Despite the distance between us, this box has only been mailed twice! Somehow, we have managed to visit or send the box with someone who is visiting rather than mailing it.



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2 responses to “Angry Birds Plush

  1. Marcella

    These birds are awesome :) I mean, really, THESE birds, the ones you made and mention in the post. They grace our bookshelf, and I’m so amazed at your talent :)

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