Itty Bitty Bibs

We are gathering our supplies and stashing away products for our fall and winter craft shows. As a part of my September Stash Bust, I will be whipping up products to sell at craft shows as well as Splendid Play’s Etsy shop.

While wandering JoAnn’s Fabrics a few weeks ago, I was inspired by the Halloween fabric selection and picked up a few prints for a couple projects. My first project turned out to be a set of newborn sized bibs. They are adorable!

 The pattern is quite simple. The most time-consuming portion was sewing on the bits of Velcro used to secure the bib around a baby’s neck. The design is simple. The shape is about a circle with a little circle for the neck opening. The entire bib can be sewn in one go. Me being me, I added top stitching once I turned the bib right-side-out.

If you know anyone having a baby just before Halloween, hop on over to our shop and pick one up. Currently, I have only completed the newborn sizes. I will be making larger sizes in the coming days.


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