Black & Pink Infinity Dress

I am amazed at how simple it was to make the infinity dress. Well, how simple it would have been had I not decide to complicate matters by deciding that since the black knit fabric I picked up was so thin I had to pair it with a second fabric.

The pattern without my additions involves a circle of fabric for the skirt, a small rectangle of fabric for the waistband, and two very long rectangles of fabric for the wrap-around straps. Simply stated, you pin everything together around the center of your skirt circle and then sew. I took a few more steps than that.

First, we will talk about the skirt. The pattern of the skirt layers is a circle with a hole cut in the middle. To make life easier when cutting, the fabric is folded into fourths so we only have to cut around a fourth of the circle.  I began with a black skirt cut to hit just about knee-length.  I decided to add a slightly longer layer underneath that was made from the pink fabric. After cutting out the long straps (more on that in a bit), I used the remaining width to cut another circle that was shorter and lopsided. When I added this to the skirt, the middle pink layer is shorter on two sides than on the other two.

Finally, my top most layer didn’t turn out exactly how I imagined, but I still like it. After cutting out the smallest circle yet, I decided I wanted it to slash across the front and back to show off more pink. When I cut the fabric, I forgot how it was folded and ended up with two pieces instead of one. Thankfully, the pieces still did what I had intended and I was able to place them to show off the pink layer as I envisioned. I used my serger to sew the four layers together.

Next came the straps. They are cut to be 1.5 times your height. I think that might be a bit too long. I found they added too much bulk. It may also have something to do with how I made the straps. I cut two straps of pink and black. They were 100 inches by eleven inches. I believe my next attempt I will make them wider and shorter.

My first thoughts were to attach them to the skirt without sewing the two colors together, but I took one look at the unfinished edges and changed my mind. Having the fabrics stitched together added a bit of stability, and the unwanted bulk. But neither fabric was thick enough on their own. With the serger, I stitched on the straps.

Finally, I added the waistband. I took two layers of the black knit fabric to give extra tension. I folded each rectangle in half and matched the four long unfinished edges. Then, I used my serger to sew together the short unfinished edge to make a complete circle.  I then pinned the unfinished long edge to the skirt and straps.

Once again using my serger, I made one last loop around the waistband of the dress; securing the skirt, straps, and band together into a dress.


I then spent the next couple days trying to make the straps wrap around and look as awesome as all the example photos I have found in the internet, but they just wouldn’t cooperate. I finally came to the conclusion that the two different fabrics were fighting each other rather than working together to form a dress. I made the executive decision to remove the straps and keep the skirt. Which turned out awesome!

For my next attempt, I am going to make a couple changes. First, the waistband will be larger. I’m thinking I will double its height so I can use it as part of the bodice along with the straps. Second, I’m going to lengthen the skirt portion so that I can wear it comfortably at dress height rather than only at skirt level. Finally, the straps will only be one layer and possibly a little shorter. I don’t feel the need to have to wrap the straps around me 3 times.

There will be photos of me modeling this skirt soon.


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