Hornworm Hatred

A band of Tomato Hornworms attacked my lovely grape tomato plant and decimated the entire plant in roughly 24 hours. Until now, I had never heard of such a pest despite my dad growing tomatoes every year in our garden. Had I found them earlier, I may have been able to save my tomatoes.

The best way to rid yourself of these pesky insects is to pick them off and smash them or feed them to the birds. We flushed ours down the toilet. I’m hoping they don’t crawl back out! If you happen to have one with little eggs growing on its back, leave it be. Those are a wasp that feed on the hornworm larvae which will keep them from coming back to eat your beautiful tomatoes.

On the bright side, I did learn about a new bug. I also got to practice my macro photography skills. I think I need to work on my lighting. Maybe diffuse the flash a bit.



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