Battle of the Wills

My sewing machine and I have been at odds for the last week or so. I don’t know what I did to make it so upset. It’s true that I haven’t taken it in for a proper cleaning recently, but that’s no excuse. I take the time to dust off the nooks and spread drops of oil into the correct places and yet, it’s been in a foul mood. Maybe it’s the weather.

It can’t be the needle, I change that on a regular basis, about every 8 hours of sewing. I also do my best to use the proper needle for the type of material I am using. Sometimes I’m just not certain if a universal needle should be used for corduroy or if it gets its own special needle. Satin, knits, cotton; all have their own needles.

I’m certain it’s not the thread. I know I have been a loyal Coats & Clark user for many years, but when you started protesting, I began buying Gutermann. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to make the switch in one fell swoop and you are just going to have to suck it up for a few more months.

Maybe it’s the mountains of fabric I have made it stitch together piece by piece over the last few months. Maybe it just wanted a few days of reprieve from the relentless stream of projects I have been feeding it.

I’m telling you now, Sewing Machine, you better shape up! We have work to be done and I can’t have you chewing up fabric and breaking thread. I also cannot have you trying to go straight when I need you to curve. Don’t even thing about pretending you can’t sew through 3 layers of fabric because I know you can sew through at least 5 layers of denim.

I will even make you a deal. Promise to give me 10 more days of cooperation. That’s just over a week. During this time, I need you to stitch like a pro, feed fabric with no eating, and turn curves with ease. If you do this, I promise to take you in for a cleaning while my parents are visiting.

Do we have a deal?

Great! Let’s get to work!

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