Pure Elegance

I stumbled across Your Style Rocks through one of the blogs I follow. I immediately had to sign up and then forgot about it until a couple of months ago when they released the patter for the Paperbag Ensemble Dress. I started paying a bit more attention. It wasn’t until they released a couple more patterns that I finally realised that these were patterns designed by members for monthly contests.

Now that I was aware of the contests, I was determined to enter. For the month of August, I made it one of my goals. The contest for the month was Pure Elegance. I immediately had a couple of ideas of what that meant to me.

My first thoughts were of the vintage McCall’s pattern I picked up this summer. The pattern is for a slip, but in 1948, that is about the same as a dress.

Then I thought about the yellow dress from How to Lose a guy in 10 Days. We all know the one. It’s the dress we love but know will never look good on us in a million years.

My mind was already putting the two together, but I knew it was missing a certain element. It wasn’t until a couple of days later that I knew what that element was. The dress needed a bustle. Not a huge turn of the century bustle; just a little bulk to add some volume to the skirt of the dress.

Finally, after procrastinating a few more days, I sat down to sketch out the design. During this process I once again realised what a terrible artist I am. I think I am going to find fashion model paper dolls to use as mannequins for the next challenge. Despite, my terrible artistry, I am quite proud of myself for completing the contest. Though I have learned that voting ends with the same deadline as the entries. I am getting the next entry in early!


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