30 Days of Lists, I’m Ready!

Tomorrow begins the second edition of 30 Days of Lists. I participated back in April and had a great time making lists. This month, September, I am even more prepared. I have already created a book with all the list pages ready.









The purpose of 30 Days of Lists is to provide the excuse to sit down and write for just a few minutes every day. Some use it as a way to jump-start their waning blog or to prove to themselves that they do have time to write every day.

For the 30 days of September, a prompt is given and you make a short list about it. The topics range from being serious to downright goofy. I plan on sharing a few of my lists here throughout the month.

You still have time to join. Just head to 30daysoflists.com. Pay the small fee of $6.00. Log into the official site and join the rest of us in list making. To sweeten the deal, there are also give-aways scheduled throughout the month.

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