Infinity Dresses

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I have been seeing these dresses come up in blogs all summer. I’ve heard them called infinity dresses, conversion dresses, infinite dresses. I was intrigued because it appears that you can wear them any number of ways. Really it depends on how comfortable you are with showing off your skin.

I was ready to make one in early spring, but two things kept me from taking the plunge. First, I don’t always look super awesome in knits. They tend to cling where you don’t want them to. I’ve been looking and it seems that women of all sizes are managing to look stunning in these dresses.

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Second, this dress takes about 5 yards of fabric to make. The straps that wrap around to create the different looks are meant to be 1.5 times longer than I am tall. I did check out knit fabrics and my first choice was $12.99 a yard! Yikes! I looked for the less expensive option and just didn’t like the feel of the fabric. The dress strikes me as one that should be flowy. The less expensive fabric was heavier and reminded me of my grandma’s shirts. At this point, I can’t spend $70.00 on a dress, so I waited.

I was out picking up supplies the other day when I came across a small display of fabric bolts. They were marked $5.00 for the entire bolt of five yards. What a deal. I quickly sifted through the bolts, discarding many as fabrics I would never use, until I came across a bolt of black knit fabric! I hadn’t wanted to make the dress black, but for $5.00 it would be a good practice fabric.

found on credited to Tart Collection Infinity Dress

The fabric is rather thin, so I am going to have to double layer the skirt and maybe the straps. If I am understanding the directions correctly, there are lots of leftover fabric, so this won’t be a problem.


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