Summer Reading Book #7

Sophie Kinsella: Twenties Girl

This may be my favourite book by Sophie Kinsella. Twenties Girl is still very much a chick lit book, but with a ghost and a mystery. Like many young women, Lara is struggling to sort out life. She’s recently split with her boyfriend (he left her and she hasn’t quite accepted it), the business she started with her friend is flailing (and she’s learning her best friend hasn’t been telling the whole truth), and to top it off she’s now being haunted by her great-aunt Sadie (who has come back as a Twenties Flapper).

Through a myriad of adventures, Lara and Sadie find themselves in some unusual situations. My favourite is when Lara agrees to ask someone out so Sadie can go on a date with the handsome Ed from America. Let’s not forget the main focus of the book, to search out Sadie’s lovely dragonfly necklace.  A search that has Lara claiming her aunt was murdered, sneaking into houses, and uncovering some interesting family history.

If you want a quick beach read with some intrigue I would highly recommend Twenties Girl.

This books marks my goal for the summer reading challenge hosted by Caiti at Life is a Canvas. I hope to finish a few more books before the September 1st deadline.




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2 responses to “Summer Reading Book #7

  1. Good job on finishing 7 books so far! :) We’re almost to the end!

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