My Cherry Dress

Sorry to leave you hanging on Monday. I started writing and the story went a completely different direction than I had anticipated. I’m here now to show you the dress.

After a bit of deliberation and consultation with a couple of friends, I settled on view B. It has the tie neck, which makes it a bit easier when completing so you don’t have to mess with getting just the right positioning for buttons. I’m a bit lazy like that. I had debated with making skirt D because it looked poofy, but decided in the end to add the crinoline lining the pattern suggested.

This pattern provided two new learning experiences for me. First, it called for boning along the back. After making the pattern, I think it could be left out. It was much simpler to work with than anticipated. The pattern called for the plastic featherweight boning, that merely provides support to the garment; no figure contorting going on with this dress. Placing the boning in the garment was a matter of sewing a small casing in the seams of the lining. It was maybe a couple extra minutes of work.

The second new experience was that of making a crinoline lining. I don’t really know if that is the proper term, but it’s the best way to describe what it looks like. The dress itself has a twirly skirt. The ones little girls love to spin around and make swirl around them. On its own, the skirt hangs off the bodice without much body, unless you are spinning. Adding the lining provides body without the need to make yourself dizzy. In this case, I used posh lining and gathered tulle in two layers to add the body.

Other than an additional layer of tulle to the lining and having the tulle show along the hem, I didn’t make alterations to the pattern. I did top-stitch along the entire length of the bodice. A garment just isn’t finished without top-stitching.

There are no photos of me in this dress because it’s currently too small. I plan on being able to wear it for my birthday.

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