My Garden

My little garden is doing quite well this summer. This is my first attempt at a garden planted in pots. We live in the great state of Florida where the soil is mostly sand. It’s a bit difficult to grow vegetables in sand. In the spring, we planted cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes in various flower pots.
We planted two kinds of peppers; Jalapeno and green. The Jalapeno pepper plants have bloomed multiple times, but we have yet to grow any peppers on either of the plants. However, from our green pepper plant, we have one tiny little pepper that is taking it’s time growing.

There has been much success with the cucumber plant. We have already harvested a handful of cucumbers; which we turned into some wonderful pickles. I’ll be sharing that with you soon. The vines have started flowering again so I’m hoping for another round of pickle making.

Finally, we have our tomato plants. We have two. One is a Big Boy Tomato plant. The bugs really like to eat those tomatoes. The plant has only grown 4 tomatoes and I’m watching the last one closely in hopes that I catch it before the bugs devour it. As you saw on Sunday, we also have a grape tomato plant. I’m excited about how many tomatoes are growing on the plant.

We also have a bumper crop of lizards in our little garden. I think because I keep it well watered, the lizards like to hang out. I know for certain we have two Green  Anoles. You can see a photo my boyfriend took of one on his Flickr page here. I caught this little guy chilling out on a jalapeno leaf.

Isn’t he or she the cutest! How are your gardens growing this summer?




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