Cherry Dress

Do you ever buy a pattern knowing exactly the fabric you want to use only to discover that the fabric doesn’t exist? That is what happened with Simplicity 3823. I picked up the pattern with the influence of my boyfriend. We looked around the store for a bit for fabric, but nothing seemed just right.

The pattern lends itself to a retro look. I initially thought I would go for a pink fabric with a floral design. I started searching high and low for just the right fabric, but to no avail. The flowers were either too big or too small, the colors were too bright or too pastel, or the fabric was too light or too heavy.

Then one day, I was searching for fabric for another project and came across a print with cherries. Inspiration struck (plus it seemed very Pushing Daisies), every girl needs a cherry dress at some point. Now it was a matter of finding the right cherry pattern. Since I am grown and need to keep things a little sensible (and I didn’t want to look like a table-cloth) I didn’t want anything in bright, bold colors. I’m also not a fan of red.

So how does one go about making a cherry dress that isn’t red (or bright red)? I immediately went home and googled cherry fabric. Many hours later, I still hadn’t found just what I was looking for. I put the project on the back burner once again. Not that I didn’t continue looking.

Nearly a year later, I’m on one of my weekly fabric trips with a friend and we are checking out a shop I had just found out about. I spend my time looking through the rows of bolts, looking for fabrics that match the Hogwort’s school colors. As I’m looking at the top shelf of a display, my toe kicks some bolts that are stacked on the floor and there it is, the perfect cherry fabric!

It’s in muted tones, but still red. It reminds me of a dress Charlotte Charles would possibly wear had the show not been cancelled. It also doesn’t look like a table-cloth. I hug the bolt to myself and wish I had the money to buy it. Instead I take down the information and continue on my way.

A few weeks later, I decided that I must make this cherry dress for our upcoming anniversary. I search out the fabric online and find it on sale at Stitches’n’Giggles. Three days later, it’s in my mailbox.


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