Superhero Capes

I realised that in the last few months, I have not been sharing any of my sewing projects. They are still going on, just at a much slower pace than normal. I’m chalking it up to summer. My head likes to go on summer vacation from June through August. I have never quite gotten out of school year mode. My current 64 projects are taking much longer to complete.

I have also been spending quite a bit of my time working on products for Splendid Play. This is a joint venture with my friend Kristen, and she keeps me hopping with projects. I thought I would take the opportunity to share our newest project that will be hitting our shop this week.

We are introducing superhero capes for kids. I am excited at how well they turned out. I finished up the first set as an order for a customer and am delighted at how amazing they are. In addition to the capes, Kristen has created masks and greaves (those arm bands superheros wear).

The cape is made from Baroque Satin fabric. This includes the lightening bolt.  All of the pieces are reversible as well. As you can see, this set is red and blue with yellow lightning bolts. I am working on a couple more design options before we offer them in the shop.


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