Kennedy Space Center

For our anniversary, my boyfriend and I drove across the state to spend the weekend on Space Coast. The highlight of the weekend (other than lots of time spent together) was Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. I have wanted to visit since I moved to Florida almost two years ago.

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex opens up the world of space exploration to everyone. The space center offers the opportunity to see full-scale replicas of rockets, tour the launch areas, experience what a launch feels like from the command center, and meet a veteran astronaut. When you have finished all the academic tours, you can learn how robots are helping further space exploration, check out Star Trek paraphernalia, train in a space flight simulator, and join Star Fleet Academy. If that’s not enough, you can catch an IMAX film at the end of your visit.







Until this visiting the Kennedy Space Center, the most time I spend in a museum was a few hours at most. We spent nearly seven hours wandering through exhibits. We could have used a couple more hours to see the few exhibits we missed. I highly recommend getting there as the doors open so you can fit everything into your day.

This tree was one of 500 seeds that travelled to the moon with the Apollo XIV crew. Astronaut Stewart Roosa carried them as part of his allotted luggage. The US forest service germinated them and sent them to various states to be planted permanently.  There are between 420 and 450 moon trees.

Vehicle Assembly Building is where the space shuttle is assembled before launch. The building looks like a mirage because it’s raining about 100 feet in front of the bus we are riding in.

This is the site from which the space shuttles have been launched over the years.  This is Launch Site 39A.

The second stop on the bus tour brought us back in time to 1968 and the launch of Saturn V mission to the moon. The control room is composed of the actual computers used for the launch.

This is me showing you how large Saturn V really is. I am standing directly in front of the command module that the astronauts live in during the mission.

This is the bus that transported the astronauts to the shuttle after they were all dressed in their space suits.

We got to touch the moon! Well, a little piece of it.

LEGO replica of the 2002 Mars Exploration Rover. The design was changed a bit by NASA after giving LEGO company pictures of the rover to build from. Some of the details are a little different.

Helping out in the engine room of the Star Ship Enterprise. Scotty was nowhere to be found.

If you find yourself in the area of Space Coast, head over to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. It is loads of educational fun.


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