Letters to Gramma

When I was younger, my gramma and I would write letters to each other. It was the highlight of my week to receive that one piece of mail that was addressed to me. I would eagerly read her letter, gobbling up all the news and forming the answers to the questions she posed in her letter to me. Then I would pull out my packet of stationary, teddy bears in the sky with a big white cloud in the middle for my pen to write, and I would sit down and write. Using my very best hand writing, I would answer her questions, tell her my news, and ask questions of my own.

I’m not certain when this tradition ended. I remember the occasional letter sent while I was in high school, but never in the quantity we sent when I was 9 or 10. I’m certain I found myself too busy to take five or 10 minutes to write a quick note to her and besides, my mum told her all about my life.

I recently started writing letters to my gramma again. Once a month, I take the time to write out what my boyfriend and I have been doing. I tell her about strawberry picking, my garden, sewing and baking projects, and our little adventures. She also gets a handful of photos illustrating the letter. It’s a small gesture, but it makes her day.

I started writing her letters for a handful of reasons. She lives in Arizona and I live in Florida. It’s a lot harder to visit now that she’s no longer a few hours away. Second, she has no idea how to use a computer. I can’t send an email or tell her to check my website. She’s 90 I can’t hold that against her. She much prefers a handwritten letter with pictures to an email any day. Who wouldn’t?

In this day and age where everyone is connected by multiple social networks, email, blogs, and mobile phones, it’s easy to forget about those whose lives aren’t connected by the internet. Take some time to write a few letters with a pen and paper. Maybe, if you thing about it, include some of those millions of photos you take on that digital camera.

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