Lingonberry Bread

I’ve been slowly testing the waters of making bread with yeast. I’ve been making quick breads since my 4-H days back in South Dakota. I’ve tried making yeast breads before, but never with much success. I couldn’t master the raising stages. My dough would rise a bit then nothing and I would end up with a brick looking a little like bread.

While we were visiting IKEA a few months ago, we came across Lingonberry Bread Mix made by finax. According to the directions, I only had to add water. Despite the yeast packets attached to the top, I assumed it would be a little on the fruity quick bread taste of things.

Making this bread was a breeze. The most difficult part was waiting for the water to cool to the correct temperature since I just made extra water in my kettle as I was preparing my morning cup of tea. Then it was simply a matter of mixing, kneading, and waiting.

Despite the disappointment that this was not a quick bread, I have enjoyed eating it with my lunches over the past week. It goes very well with cheese and roast beef slices. The bread is very hearty and filling. If you want the taste of Lingonberries with your bread, you will have to spread it with lingonberry jam. I think there were only a handful of the berries in the two loves this package made.

I do plan on picking up another package when we visit IKEA next. The bread is delicious and easy to make. That is a combination I like. That and the house smells of fresh made bread!


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