LeakyCon 2011

I just spent the last week attending LeakyCon 2011. I guess I shouldn’t really say I was attending the convention since I spend the majority of my time in the vendor room manning Ambrosia Candy‘s and Splendid Play‘s booth. This means I didn’t get to wander the halls searching out the best costumes or attending the planned events, I had to wait for people to come to me and hope I wasn’t busy when they showed up.

This was my first convention of this sort. I’ve been to home shows and such with my family, but I’ve never experienced a convention where everyone attending is obsessed with one specific topic. This one happened to be Harry Potter. It was no coincidence that it was hosted on Universal Studios Orlando property within walking distance of the park or that the final movie premiered in the midst of the convention.

Despite my best intentions, I got sucked into the spirit of the festivities and by the third day, I too had created my very own Harry Potter character and started fabricating a costume. I am Lo Lo the liberated house elf. I worked for Madame Malkin in her dress shop where I learned the craft of sewing. Thanks to Hermione Granger’s free the house elf campaign S.P.E.W, I am free to do as I please. I have opened my own shop and now provide various hand-crafted items.

Overall, it was a great experience. I have some wonderful ideas brewing in my mind. I made a few new contacts. I also met some wonderful people whom I hope will become friends. There were a few other vendors present that I plan on sharing with you as soon as I unpack and clean the house.

Snape, Mad Eye, Flitwick, and Dumbledore


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