Summer Reading Book # 4

Markus Zusak: The Book Thief

You’ve found me once again going against my tendency to shy away from the latest sensation in reading. One of my dearest friends raved about the book during a phone conversation so I decided to give it a go. This also meant wrangling the nook color away from my boyfriend (more about that in a future post).

The most important thing to remember when reading The Book Thief is that Death is telling the story. He is telling it from memory and from the information provided by Liesel in a book she wrote at the age of 13. This gives the story a bit of a disjointed feel that takes some getting used to.  It took me a good portion of the book to get sucked into the story line and have the characters come to life.

Despite numerous warnings from Death, the ending was gut-wrenching. I highly recommend keeping a box of tissues on hand, you’ll need them. Even with the intense setting of the war, the author does a wonderful job of weaving in just enough laughter to keep the entire story from being depressing.



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