Hollis Garden


The trees, shrubbery, and flowers that decorate Florida often make me believe I’ve left reality and entered a Dr. Suess storybook. I get this feeling in the spring and it lasts to early summer until it is too hot for flowers to continue blooming. We have trees that bloom in yellow, pink, and purple. There is a tree here called a bottle brush, that blooms in orangy-red!  I was reminded of this today while we were doing a photo shoot at Hollis Garden in Lakeland, FL.

Hollis Garden is a botanical garden located at the edge of Lake Mirror. It was donated to the city by Clayton Hollis so that everyone from the city may enjoy its beauty. I enjoyed the various sections of the garden. It is easy to see that many hours of hard work are used to keep the garden beautiful. Each section of the garden is themed by types of plants such as: Florida native, fruit trees, annuals, herbs. The themes featuring flowers are sorted by color. Depending on the season, you will find a red, a yellow, or a white theme.

It has been such a hot spring that many of the delicate flowers are already gone for the season, but there are still some very unusual plants showing off their stuff for those of us brave enough to come out in the heat.











This is my favorite plant of the day. It was labeled Copper Plant. I think the fruit looks like over-sized peppers.

I don’t know what plant this is either, but I like the little white tentacles it has.

If anyone knows what any of these plants are, please pass on your knowledge. I’m going to keep looking for Dr. Suess  plants growing in Florida.


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