Millennium Falcon Cake

The longer my boyfriend and I are together, the more I discover how well we work together. We just completed another joint project that reinforced this in my mind. Our goal was to make a Millennium Falcon cake decorated using fondant. Neither of us had ever used fondant before, but we’ve both wanted to try it out. This gave us the perfect reason.

A bit of research was done before beginning this project. I looked into making marshmallow fondant and how best to decorate cakes using the fondant. I also had to learn what the ship looked like and which end was the front. Despite my geek credits, watching Star Wars is not on my list. In preparation, I baked the cake and mixed the fondant on Thursday evening.


To build the shape of the cake, we used a 9 inch spring-form pan, a 9×9 inch square pan, and a small portion of a 8 inch circle cake. The spring-form and square cakes were an entire box mix cake and the circle cake was half of a mix.

I’m going to let photos tell the rest of the story.



Shaping the front of the ship


Admiring his handiwork


We've got the basic shape


Butter cream on the base, time for shaping details


We are ready for fondant.


Shaping the fondant.

We learned a couple valuable lessons about fondant. First, let it warm to room temperature on its own. I read you can microwave it for about 10 seconds a few times, but I found this changed the consistency of the marshmallows. Also, keep it in a sealed container until you need it or it will dry out.

My Boyfriend adds the details

My boyfriend took a copper jewelry wire and a bit of water to press designs into the fondant.

Concentrating very hard

We used brown dusting powder mixed with a bit of vodka to add the rusty coloring.

Detailing the front of the ship.


Fashioning the cockpit


The engine and exhaust

After seven hours of work, we had our completed Millennium Falcon Cake. Admittedly, this is a lot of work for a 5 year-old’s birthday party, but we had fun. I will be doing some more fondant work in the future, maybe not at this detailed of a level though.


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3 responses to “Millennium Falcon Cake

  1. Not only was this an awesomely epic cake for Makayla, but it was tasty too! Very actually. And though I’m not normally a fan of fondant, this was delicious. =) Well done you two! And THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing this for M! =D

  2. Angela

    Did you use the recipe of fondant that I gave you? Your cake turned out awesome! Fondant is fun because you can do a lot of cool things with it, but yeah…way too much work for me right now with 3 little kids. I hope someday to make more fondant cakes! Or even take some classes.

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