Summer Reading Book #2


Philappa Gregory: The Other Boleyn Girl


I adore reading historical fiction. I particularly enjoy books that revolve around court life. I always imagine it to be romantic and fun-filled. Everyone running around in beautiful dresses, playing games and eating delicious food. I realise that what I imagine and reality are two very different things. As this book portrays so very well.

If you pick up this book be prepared to be pulled into King Henry’s court viewed through the eyes of Anne Boleyn’s sister. Witness the underhanded, conniving, and deceitful world that was created by those surrounding the king who just wanted life to be fun.

I could not put this book down. It didn’t matter if I stopped in the middle of the chapter or at the end of a chapter, there was always something unresolved that I just had to come back to reading. I am going to find more of Philappa Gregory’s books.





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2 responses to “Summer Reading Book #2

  1. Glad to hear you liked it! I was interested when it first came out, but then when the movie didn’t go over so well (I didn’t even see it), I kind of skipped over it. (Not that I judge books on movies, mind you… the plot just sounded strange at the time!) I’ll definitely have to pick it up to read next time I see it. Thanks for the tip! :)

    • I had the same thoughts about the book, but the lady running rummage sale where I picked it up assured me it was so much better than the movie depicted. There are so many details that wouldn’t fit into a movie.

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