Broken Zip Fix

Tragedy struck today in the form of a broken zipper. While straightening my favourite sundress while getting dressed today, my finger caught the zipper and suddenly the middle was open and both ends were still closed. This is one of my favourite dresses. I’ve had it for a few years. During the summer I wear it almost weekly. Admittedly, I live in Florida so that means for nine months it’s in use. Even in the cooler months, I wear it over jeans. I like this dress.

I started tugging and pulling, doing my best to get the zipper fixed. That’s when it hit me. I never even use the zipper. It is a side seam zipper that stops about an inch from the top. It is almost useless. I started inspecting to see if I could remove the zipper and save the dress.

Thankfully, the zipper wasn’t sewn in between the lining and the outside fabric. I grabbed my seam ripper and in a few minutes the zipper was lying on the table hoping for some CPR. Since I never uses the zipper in the first place, I decided to just sew the seam together.

Twenty minutes and no zipper later, I was prancing around the house in my revived sundress!




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