Candy Run Knock Off and Bolero

This may be the longest I have ever taken to complete a dress. Most of the time, I work on one project at a time allowing me to complete a dress in a day or two. Currently, I am juggling about five or six projects. I’ll start showing you those next week.

As a reminder, I found the perfect dress to wear to my brother’s wedding in July at Mod Cloth. Unfortunately, the dress was more than I was willing to pay. I quickly found Simplicity 2886, fabric, buttons, and a zipper. You can follow the entire process, just scroll through my blog.

The bolero turned out really cute. Though if I ever make another one using this pattern, I’m going to make a couple changes to the process. I wish I had taken photos, but was concentrating super hard trying to decipher what I was meant to do. It started off simply enough with pleats: two on each front and front lining and one on the back and lining. Then sew shoulder seams on outside and lining.  This is where it got interesting.

Then I pinned outside to lining; right sides together. I then sewed together the back bottom hem, armholes, and from the bottom of one front around the neckline and to the bottom of the other front. All that was left open were the side seams. In four circles that I used to turn the fabric right-side out. I then had to wrangle those seams together and not have any stitches showing. There must be an easier way!

In the end, I left the stitching around the bodice. I took another look today and decided it looks fine. I also decided on the little white buttons with two holes because they match the large button on the bolero.

Thanks to those of you who took the time to read the post rather than scrolling straight to the photos of the completed dress! The dress will be making its official appearance at my brother’s wedding on July 2nd.


With the bolero:


A view of the back. I didn’t have anyone to help make a good bow.

Finally, just the dress.



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4 responses to “Candy Run Knock Off and Bolero

  1. You did a wonderful job on that beautiful dress. I love it. It’s so perfectly summer and will make a great wear to the wedding dress. I’m working on a slide show for the Ideal summer dress challenge blog so I’m going to add your dress to it right now. Thank you so very much for participating!!!

  2. Linda

    Your dress is really cool! And the bolero looks great. Perfect for a summer wedding. Congrats!

  3. Aubrey Anderson

    The dress is so pretty! It makes me wish I could sew like that :)

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