Candy Run Knockoff Complete (almost)

I think I have the beginning of summer blah’s. It’s that feeling you get when you realise that you have no more papers to write, tests to take, or lectures to listen to. The entire summer stretches in front of you. Then you start to think about all the things you have been pushing off to do over the summer and realise that 3 short months is nowhere near long enough to cram in everything. I get a blah feeling for a couple of days. Then I take a nap and read a book and all is well in my world. That said, I should have taken a nap today. Projects were just not going quite my way.

Enough of the whining and on to what you are here to see. The completed dress (almost). I say almost because it is very likely that I will redo the stitching that I did today to tack down the lining to the outer bodice. I didn’t do a very good job. While it is only noticeable if you are looking; it still bothers me. I will probably hand stitch the lining. I also have to stitch on the buttons.

I am very happy with my decision about the hem. I shortened the length considerably. The skirt measures 20 inches from the bottom of the bodice to the end of the pink gingham. I then took the massively wide white band and folded it in half.  Using my serger, I stitched the skirt and band together. To add a bit of detail, I then stitched one-fourth of an inch from the gingham around the white band. This serves to hold the seam down toward the band. I may still add top-stitching along the very bottom as well.

I’m pleased with how the dress turned out. I’m excited to wear it to my brother’s wedding in a few short weeks. I’ll have a photo of me wearing it when I complete the little jacket I am making tomorrow to wear in the event it gets chilly.


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  1. It looks edible in such bright cheery pink and white! A matching little jacket would finish it off just perfect.

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