Race to the Finish

Despite numerous other projects that are vying for my attention, I am still making progress on my dress for the wedding. Let me show you what I have accomplished.

First, I’ve been fighting a bit with the bodice. It is lined and the pattern directions guided me to leave exposed seams at the sides and where the bodice and skirt attach. I thought that was just plain silly. If you are going to have a lining, then you should take advantage and hide as many seams as possible. The non-zipper side now has an enclosed seam.

I hadn’t realised this pattern had pockets in the skirt until I went to cut out the pieces. I almost eliminated them. The I thought about all the stuff I could carry around in them. Such as extra wedding favors or a few of those delicious mints you only see at weddings. My boyfriend suggested extra batteries for the camera flash.

The pockets, pleats, and skirt went very quickly. As did sewing the skirt to the bodice. I don’t believe I’ve ever had such good luck with sewing a skirt to the top of a dress.

Then came the dreaded zipper. I’m not certain when I started disliking zippers. I recall sewing in zippers with the greatest of ease when completing 4-H projects. Maybe because my mum was doing the hard parts! This zipper went in with relative ease. It went in just fine on the first go! I was relieved.

My final step for the day was to attach the straps. I had a bit of help from my boyfriend. He pinned the straps in place since I can’t reach when wearing the dress. The first fitting went well.

I’m close to the finish. Tomorrow I will tack down the lining. I’m debating between hand-stitching or using the machine. I’m also adding the buttons. I think I’m going to use the plain white with the two holes since the match the large button that will be going on the jacket. I also have the hem to do. I’m debating what to do about that as well. The current length is just below my knees. I was thinking I would shorten it to just above my knees. However, as I was looking over the instructions, I was reminded that this view has a coordinating band that is to be sewn along the bottom. I’m in a quandary. What would you suggest?



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7 responses to “Race to the Finish

  1. do the band at the bottom! =)

  2. Another vote for band at the bottom :D! Great dress!

  3. Sean

    The band, the band!

  4. I think the dress look great as is.

  5. Your smile matches your pretty dress. Thank you so much for participating in the challenge. Love the name of your blog.

  6. Linda

    Love the dress. I like it without a band. Seems like it would distract from the slimming lines of the skirt. Great job – I love reading about your sewing projects.

  7. Thanks for all the suggestions.I’m leaning towards the band. Probably about the same width as the white in the middle rather than the 8inches the pattern suggests. I’m still thinking above the knee as well. I’ll be doing practice pinning before cutting and sewing.

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