Weekend Project

There is nothing like a big weekend project to bring a couple closer together. Particularly when the project requires the differing skills of each person and is a project that both will be able to utilize. My boyfriend follows DIY Photography. Through them, he found a competition that involves building a softbox. What is a softbox? I will do my best to explain.

A softbox looks like a big black square umbrella with a silver lining and a hole in the back and a white sheet across the opening. What this does is take the direct light of your flash and diffuse (spread it out) the light. This makes the light less harsh.

Imagine a flashlight beam you are pointing straight on something. You have a very directional beam in a very specific shape. Now if you take that flashlight and put a piece of tissue paper over the end, the light becomes more of a glow that illuminates more of the room. It also becomes softer and the shadows are less noticeable.


Having a softbox over your flash, does what the tissue paper on the flashlight did with one difference. The flashlight light sill lit up a large area. With the softbox, you are still directing the light onto your subject because the light can only go through the white sheet at the front the box.


Wow! I hadn’t planned this to be a lesson. I was just going to share what we had been up to all weekend. My boyfriend’s portion is complete (unless he decides to tweak it a bit). He built the mount to attach the flash to the softbox and a stand. He also constructed the frame for the tent (as I am calling it).

I am now working on the tent. It’s been a lot of trial and error, but it’s coming along nicely. I’ve finally got it fitted just right on the frame. Now I have to complete the opening and the white sheet.

It looks a bit like bat wings.

It’s been great fun working together on this project. I’ll keep you posted about the competition. We will also be making a tutorial about the process  as part of the competition.

Credit where credit is due: The photos of the softboxes are not mine. The first is taken from backdrop source. The second two are taken from studiolighting.net. I have no affiliation with either website.


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