An Assortment of Skirts

My pretty pink dress isn’t all I have been working on in my sewing room. I’ve also been creating skirts for my Etsy shop. I’m getting excited about this!

First up is a cute black eyelet mini skirt with hot pink lining. I’ve been eying this black fabric for months now and finally broke down and bought some. I will have to buy more to make myself a garment as well. This skirt is a small (so I would actually post it rather than keep it for myself).



The second skirt in our fashion line-up today is an exposed elastic waistband skirt in black and white. I love the print on this fabric. The fabric is a little slinky and a bit on the heavier side. It would be perfect for a cool evening out or a nice spring day. This skirt is a large/x-large depending on whose measurement guide you follow. The waistband is 32 inches, but stretches to 40 inches.


I adore the final skirt of today. It’s made from a flowey grey fabric with subtle yellow flowers. I made this skirt with a 2.5 inch waistband and a zipper at the back. The finished size is between a 10 and a 12. This one will be offered with a custom hem. The current length is just at the knee, but I think it could be cute as a short skirt as well. I’m going to let the buyer decide. I’ll hem it to your desired length before shipping the skirt to you.


I am working on acquiring or making a mannequin to take photos of my garments before posting to Etsy. I hope to have that done this weekend.


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