Rummage Sale Saturday

Saturday found us attempting another adventure. We went rummage sale shopping. Friday night, we decided to attempt this like professionals. We plotted out our course for the day and planned to wake up at 6am so we could include a good breakfast. Our shopping list included: patio furniture, Lego blocks, books, and sewing supplies.

Our first stop ended in disappointment when we discovered that we missed out on Lego blocks by just a few moments. We continued on our hunt. Our searches brought us all over the town. Each destination presented its wares in various states of organisation. I always found the books first, then would hunt about for fabric, trims, and patterns.

About halfway through the day, I was rewarded in my searchings. I came across a shoe box full of patterns and started flipping through them. Much to my surprise, they were quite old. I inquired about their price thinking a couple of dollars a pattern. I was surprised when I was told twenty-five cents a pattern. I stepped it up and asked how much the entire box would be. The lady was surprised someone would want to buy the entire box. After a quick count, I figured there were about 40 patterns. She quoted me four dollars; we gave her five. It was then, she pointed out another box with bias tape, hem facings, and trims spilling over the top. I couldn’t say no to that opportunity either.

My excitement over my new treasures just delighted her. She was astounded that someone my age would want such things. After learning that I would use the patterns just made her day. We chatted a bit and learned that the patterns and facings had been her mothers. She also shared that there was more and was going to place an advertisement in an attempt to sell the rest of the items. After seeing my excitement, she offered to phone me first so I could come see what she has to sell.

Despite missing out on the Lego blocks, my boyfriend came away from the day with a couple of treasures as well. At one stop, he found an immersion blender. He also found a Colorburst. Which is a Kodak instant picture camera. A great addition to our camera collection.  Finally, he was given a settee. We checked it out and had decided to pass on it. As we were walking away, the couple said we could just have it. How could we say no?

We arrived home satisfied with our purchases. I don’t foresee us doing this every weekend, but maybe every few months a day of rummage sale shopping will be in store. I’m off to daydream about my new vintage clothing.


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