Cleaning the Craft Room

I claim to be a clean, neat, organised person, but sometimes I am too busy to be all of these things at once. Make that often. Most recently, I have been super busy with school, tutoring, and launching a new project on top of my normal, everyday goings-on. With all of this, I’ve neglected my sewing space.

Way back in February, we talked about putting shelves up in the two closets in the room to provide for  better storage space. It was  precariously stacked and only on fear of avalanche did I want to explore the depths to find what I needed.  My boyfriend had some extra shelves behind the backyard shed that we dug out and I cleaned off. Then we let them sit on the porch for a few months.

With the end of the school year just finishing up, I turned my sights on completing the many projects I’ve been mulling over for the last few months. This meant I needed to reclaim my sewing/crafting space. Friday evening, I started moving things around and emptying out  the closets. Following a quick trip to the shop to pick up the correct wall bracket screw holding things, my boyfriend had those shelves up and ready for me to use in no time!

With the addition of the shelves, I managed to get everything that was already stored in the closet plus another tub and a couple of boxes into three of the four openings. This left me with a fourth of the space for all the fabric that I had strewn across the guest bed, my table, the chair, and the writing desk. I even have a little section to hang fabric and current projects.

By Monday evening my craft room was back in business. There are still a few things I would like to organise. My scrap fabric needs a home. I’m thinking a basket of some sort. I’d like to sort my fabric a little differently, but for now it’s functional. There are a few other odds and ends to sort out. I really want to decorate the doors to the closets, but we rent, so I don’t think that’s the best idea. Maybe just photos of my projects. Unless I win the SILHOUTTE SD Machine that is being given away over at Grosgrain, then I’ll be having some major fun with those doors.

I was so excited to have use of my sewing space again, that I have not yet taken photos of the after. Maybe tomorrow, unless I am distracted by all the sewing I am going to be doing!

Check out the giveaway here. The Silhoutte looks like an amazing machine. One that I would be very happy to own. So please, check it out, but don’t sign up. Thanks.

Silhoutte Giveaway


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