Oysters on a Half-Shell

I was introduced to oysters at a young age. It was a Christmas tradition to have oyster soup with our Christmas meal. Every year I was offered a bowl and every year I would turn my nose up at the creamy, buttery soup siting I hated oysters. I had never tasted oysters, but the smell was enough to turn me off from even one bite.

Fast forward a few years and many food tasting experiences later to a chance overnight stay in New Orleans with some friends of my soon to be boyfriend. They were determined to show me their favorite eating haunts. Raw oysters here I come!  I loved them.

Since I moved to Florida, my boyfriend has been saying we should go to Gary’s Oyster Bar.  Unfortunately, this idea comes up after we have already eaten; most often a meal where I have ordered fish or we talked about trips to New Orleans. Late Saturday afternoon we found ourselves with no dinner plans and decided to head out for oysters.

Like many of our preferred eating places, the outside isn’t much to look at, but the food is delightful! We decided to sit at the bar rather than a table so we could order a bucketful rather than by the plate. Next time, I will bring a book or a deck of card because this is a popular place and people tend to hang out for a couple of hours eating oysters.

It was worth the wait! We started with a dozen raw oysters that we slurped down with a little cocktail sauce and saltine crackers. We followed that with a bucket of steamed oysters. These were completely shelled and plopped into a mix of drawn butter,  Worcestershire, garlic salt, and hot sauce.  I enjoyed those best on a cracker with a little cocktail sauce. Between the two, I like the raw oysters the best. We followed the oysters with a mess of crawfish and a bowl of cheese grits.

This place has been added to our list of favorites. I can’t wait to go back. I have to try the alligator tail!



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3 responses to “Oysters on a Half-Shell

  1. Damn, girl, I love me some oysters, too. I wish we lived closer to each other so that I could hit you up for a photography tutorial. Gorgeous pics!!

  2. Matt J

    Greg, now I want oysters really bad! Thanks for the review, going to ‘try’ and get Joe there!

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