Spring Top Sew Along

Not that I ever need an excuse to sew for myself, it’s always fun to join in with others and have a goal in mind. I only wish I had stumbled across this sew along a little sooner since I have a couple more tops I’d like to make.  I’m hoping to be inspired with some new design ideas by some of the other entries.

Spring Top Sew Along

I finally tackled the blue project I was complaining about not being able to sew due to lack of the correct blue colored thread.  Instead of using blue thread, I decided to show off my stitching rather than hide it and matched my thread to the button I planned on sewing on to the top. I grabbed my hot pink thread and started stitching away.

I had found this silky blue floral print in the remnants bin at Jo-Ann’s Fabrics a few months ago. I love their remnant bin because almost all of the pieces there are about a yard which is usually just enough for a project or two. I used Simplicity Pattern 0468 from their must-have fashion line. I bought the pattern for the pants; which I will probably still try.

I made a few adjustments to the pattern. First, when I tried on the top, the band across the top was super high and oddly shaped, so I trimmed it back a bit until it was straight across. I also only sewed on one large button rather than three little buttons. Second, I opted to cross the straps in the back because they were super long. I still need to go back and adjust the positioning of the front straps a bit. I wanted to wear the top for a day to see how it felt. Finally, since I had enough fabric, I lengthened the shirt so I wouldn’t have to worry about it showing off my tummy when I stretched.

I wore it out and about on Friday and just love it. It’s nice and airy yet modest and just dressy enough for a school concert. I’ll be grabbing this top frequently throughout the summer.

Outtake: Caught Mid-Smile!


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