Eggs in the Mail

I enjoy surprising my friends with mail. Usually it’s just a card or a quick note. Admittedly, I haven’t been very good about sending stuff in recent months, but was inspired to begin again with a post from Giver’slog. The blog is all about the packages she’s sent out to people. She recently did a post about sending plastic eggs in the mail.

What better way to revive my goal to send mail to my friends. I picked up large plastic eggs to fill. After searching a few shops for  trinkets to fill the eggs, I found myself at a party supply shop. They had individual pieces of candy and toys. What Fun!

I found some great Easter printable labels to use for notes. I spent some time coloring since our printer is out of colored ink. After some debate with my boyfriend, we settled on six special friends to ship out the eggs.

My trip to the post office was great fun. I walked up to the counter and placed the six eggs on the counter.Thepostal worker just shook his head and said “Every day a new challenge.” He was a bit skeptical, but agreed to ship the eggs.  Now I’m just waiting to hear that they have arrived.

Update: I have heard back from one friend that his egg has arrived and shared some photos as well.


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One response to “Eggs in the Mail

  1. Sean

    This was a neat little project. We should do them more often. :)

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