Strawberry Fields

There are perks to living in Florida. One of the best, in my opinion, is living a short distance from a million strawberry fields. Maybe not a million, but a lot. I love strawberries, I eat them almost everyday. Florida grows the sweetest most delicious strawberries I have ever tasted. That may have to do with the fact that I live driving distance from where they are grown.

After the strawberry farms have harvested all they have allotted for commercial use, the owners open their fields to the public so we can pick our own. I’m no stranger to pick-your-own fields. However, since I grew up in South Dakota, we picked apples and pumpkins. I have a vague memory of  strawberry picking once with my mum. When I heard it was possible to pick your own strawberries, I was ecstatic! This weekend, thanks to the non-early release of Portal 2, I managed to wrangle my computer geek boyfriend outside. His vitamin D levels will thank me later. 

We made our way to a Favorite Farms, Inc. field to stock up on the sweet, juicy, red strawberries that I love so dearly. We arrived to find what I first thought was an empty field. I was very worried we had missed the season. Thankfully, the booth was still open and the wonderful gentleman manning it gave us directions on how to find the best strawberries.

Soon we were barefoot and picking those wonderful red berries that I love so very much! We picked and picked and picked. There was no need to be picky, other than to make sure they were red, there were so many. I had visions of coming back during the week to pick more. Then I began dreaming of what to make with all these wonderful strawberries. Pies…jam…tarts…so many possibilities.

We ended up with 6 overflowing baskets of berries, two strawberry onions, and a couple cucumbers all for $7. Unfortunately, we also learned that this was the last weekend to pick. They were closing up shop on Sunday for the season. I’ll have to savor every last one of the berries we picked.



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2 responses to “Strawberry Fields

  1. Anna, I’m so glad you commented on the blog as I’d not seen this site. Your writing is awesome and the photography is gorgeous! We miss you as always. Keep writing!

  2. Anna, I’m so glad you commented as it connected me to your site. I love your writing and photography! Keep going! We miss you always.

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