List 28: Vacations to Take


30 Days of Lists


List 28: Vacations to take.


I have an unending thirst for travel. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a way to get paid to visit all the amazing places in the world that I would like to see. This is by no means a comprehensive list,  just the first places that popped into my mind.

Let’s start at the top.

  1. South Dakota: My home state and I still have many friends up there. I love going to visit. We always have a great time. There is just something about knowing a place so well you never get lost. Also, my brother is getting married there this summer, so we have to visit.
  2. New York: I once spent 8 hours running around New York City. I would love to go back and see a show and have a decent meal. Then I would like to drive out of the city and see what happens in the rest of the state. Maybe with a little camper in tow for a place to sleep.
  3. Thailand: I wish I had taken the time to travel through more countries while living in China. I really would like to visit more of Asia.
  4. Prague: This city and its country has evaded me during my travels. I will get there soon.
  5. Chicago: We watched a movie based in Chicago the other day. I was once again reminded of how much I enjoy spending time there. Maybe my boyfriend will have a business trip there soon.
  6. Hawaii: Who doesn’t want to visit this place? I love beaches!
  7. Sweden, Norway, and Finland: For all the times I have been to Europe, I’ve not yet managed to make it this far north. I’d like to make it for summer solstice.
  8. Not listed would be all of our family that lives across the United States.

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