List 26: Books to Read


30 Days of Lists


List 26: Books I’d like to read this year

I fell off the boat this week when it came to posting my lists. Let’s just say it was a rough week. You would think after all my years of being in school I would know better than to put off homework and projects until the last few days. I found myself overwhelmed this week and exhausted. I’m a bit more prepared for this week and will hopefully find myself on the productive side of things rather than the lazy side.

As for today’s list, I don’t have a specific list of books that I want to read this year or ever really. I’ve found that I don’t choose when I’m going to read a book, it chooses when I read it. I will often begin three or four books before settling on one I want to read.  I set a goal to read 60 books this year. I’ve never set a goal of how many books to read or if I have, I’ve never kept track of what I have read. I’m diligently writing down the books I read in my 2011 Resolutions notebook.

The closest I have come to a list of books to read is on Pinterest. I have a board made just for books I come across in other blogs that I would like to read. I call it Reminders to Read. I need to start including a link to the blogs where I find these books. You will notice I like chick lit. I am working on reading more classics this year.


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