List 22: Things I saw Today


30 Days of Lists


List 22: Things I saw Today:

Further Details:

  1. One of my resolutions for the year is to become better at video games. I just recently discovered Super Mario Galaxy. I’m loving it. I have to restrict when I play it or I would play all day long and get nothing done.
  2. I dislike asparagus (or at least I thought I did), so my boyfriend doesn’t get to eat it very often. I happened to see some while at the local farmer’s market the other day and bought it. I surprised him with it for dinner.
  3. I tutor ESL students, my newest student is in kindergarten and doesn’t read very well. I’m using the BOB books and he can now read 3 books without any help. I’m super proud!
  4. Most days I ride my bicycle to Winn-Dixie just down the street to buy supplies for dinner. I enjoy grocery stores, so many possibilities.
  5. On my way to the grocery store, I passed a lovely couple also out riding their bicycles. Hers was just like mine only a different color!
  6. I’ve been told I smile a lot. It’s no wonder that every where I go people are smiling back at me!

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