Day 11: Date Night Ideas


30 Days of Lists


Day 11: Date Night Ideas

I think it’s great fun when my boyfriend surprises me with a date night. Though I consider any time we spend together a sort of date. These are some ideas that we have done and some that I would like to do.

  1. Visit to the county fair. Grab your cowboy boots and your sweet tooth or your camera and be prepared for crafts, carnival rides, and cotton candy.
  2. The community playhouse. It might not be Broadway or even off off Broadway, but the actors will be singing their hearts out.
  3. Picnic at the park. We grab subway since we have diverse tastes in sandwiches and visit local or state parks.  Make sure to have the camera with the macro lens for taking photos of the ants!
  4. Karaoke. You don’t even have to like to sing
  5. Build a Lego set. We now have an almost complete Death Star sitting in our living room.
  6. Take a class. We keep meaning to learn about Stained Glass.
  7. Cook dinner together. We do this most nights.
  8. Cuddle on the couch watching a movie.
  9. Game Night; card games, board games, video games. Just play!
  10. Wine, Scotch, or Beer tasting. Great way to learn about sometimes intimidating topics. Also, some restaurants do wine pairing nights where the chef and a wine master demonstrate which wines complement certain dishes.

Just remember to plan something you will both enjoy. Or remember that it’s your turn to plan the next date.


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