List One: A Little About Me

List One: A few things about yourself.

  1. I own more books than a small county library. Now that I have a nook, there’s no telling how many titles I have access to.
  2. My craft supplies have taken over the guest bedroom and threaten to expand to the hallway.
  3. I love baking, cooking is fun, but baking is where my passion lies.
  4. I wish I was better at taking photos. I can never quite get the photo to look how I see it in my mind.
  5. I have travelled through 17 (maybe 18) countries.
  6. I have lived in three.
  7. I have visited 30 states.
  8. I speak Chinglabic.
  9. The ultimate place I would like to live is New Orleans, LA.
  10. I know every word of the Sound of Music.

I think that is enough for today. Check in tomorrow for another list.


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